Materials for Product Design

We’ve sourced and stocked some of the most useful materials available for digital fabrication which you can purchase directly through us for your convenience listed below.

Additionally, we’ve provided links below to suppliers for acrylics, specialty or technical materials which you can have sent directly to us for processing.

*Please note:

12×24″ is the standard size of most materials that we stock and sold by the SF unless otherwise noted and should be the default file size.

– Any provided materials must be cut to size.
– Any unusual outside materials should be approved by us before purchase.
– The only leather we cut is vegetan and we recommend 4-5 oz weight for clean edges.
– We CANNOT cut metal but we can mark on anodized aluminum.

Our standard material size = 12″x 24″
Our large format laser bed = 18″x 32″

$80 per hour, minimum of $60, about 45 minutes.

Charged by the minute thereafter.

**Large format materials**

Are a special request item and are generally supplied by the client.
*Bowed/bent materials can inhibit cutting/engraving.

Mail any approved materials with delivery confirmation to:

Digital Craft
c/o Bart Carrade
4509 SE 23rd St.
Portland, OR 97202


*Our machine can cut up to 1/4″ thick in most woods and some up to 3/8″.

We maintain a well stocked library of versatile wood panels, bamboo, laminates, hardwoods, veneers and more. Additionally we can source specialty woods, wood products and veneers for larger manufacturing orders.

(Click to Enlarge)


large scale orders only.
*Our machine can cut up to 3/8″ thick acrylic.
Choose Cast acrylics as opposed to extruded acrylics for best results.
*DO NOT MISTAKE Polycarbonate (Lexan) for acrylic – it is dangerous to cut!

Acrylic Color Samples

Smaller orders, special colors, and unique surfaces can be ordered directly at:
Additional variety and technical material applications can be found here:

Plastic Forming

Simple straight bending of cut acrylic parts is possible with our sheet plastic bender for a wide range of product potentials.

Also try engraving designs into acrylic which will typical render a soft white.
Etched lines in clear acrylic will catch light when illuminated.


Our machine can cut up to 1/4″ thick felts – medium to dark shades hide any faint fuming along the cut best.

Know that cutting real wool felt has a strong odor – the pieces can be left to air out for a few days or sprayed with febreze to speed up production with laser cut felt parts. Synthetic felts are washable & white natural fiber felts can by dyed at home with RIT dyes.

Designer Felt Samples

We carry some commonly requested felts in stock for your convenience:

Specialty designer colored or industrial felts can be found here:


Many common textiles can be cut for ease of production for pattern making or product design.
Cordura, Canvas, Wool, Outdoor and similar textiles can be cut well and with sealed edges preventing fraying.

For technical materials please request a MSDS from the supplier when inquiring about special product cutting.

*Vinyls of any type can absolutely not be cut – they will produce a poisonous gas.
*Depending on material type and thickness lighter colors may be subject to fuming around the cut while dark colors are more immune.

Textile Color Samples

We carry commonly requested Textiles in stock for your convenience:

You can find a wide variety of utility fabrics in great colors here:

Specialty Laser Materials

There’s an incredible amount of specialty materials out there to make your product or signage stand out.

Rowmark Engraving Products

Engraving boards are basically two different plastics laminated together, the top of which can be engraved away revealing the other to great effect. These engraving boards are available in solid colors, faux marble and wood, metallics and mirrored finishes among others.

Multicolor engraving boards for parts, signs, name plates, product tags etc can be found here: and are also suppliers.

Paper Goods

Laser cutting and engraving paper, cardstock etc can have uniquely, beautiful results or simply be an economical material choice.
Depending on material type and thickness lighter colors may be more susceptible to fume marks where darker colors are more immune.

Matboard Engraving & Cut Paper

Engraving through the top layer of mat board to expose the core produces high striking multi-tone results and an attractive relief effect. This method works wonderfully for custom business cards, product tags, wedding invitations etc.

Tip *Etching a line into a ply’d material like crescent board is a great way to make hinges and fold from 2D to 3D easily.

Mat board is available in a myriad of colors from Dick Blick as well as a host of other useful fibrous materials like form-able Task Board, Balsa/Basswood panels, Bristol Board, Chipboard, Cardboard, Illustration Board etc.

Colored Mat Board w/ White or Black Core

*REMEMBER: Our laser bed fits a maximum 12×24 board so choose the size wisely to get the most of your material when its cut down to fit.


We can also engrave onto mailers or small retail packaging for a high-end retail ready packaging for your products.

The max depth is 4″ and we can engrave on flattened boxes which fit within our 12″x24″ laser bed.

Check with us or you can request a sample from ULINE to ensure the size/material is appropriate.

Laser Engraved Packaging

You can find many product packaging options as well as shipping boxes here:

Hardware & Industrial Components

Universal Hardware Supplier

Where to you get that exact fixture or perfect little thingy that holds on the other dealy?
Probably McMastercarr, but inventables has some and DIY electronics gear to boot.