As artists and independent designers ourselves we want to provide affordable access to digital fabrication and small batch production to help artists, independent designers and creative business make the most of their efforts… and if all goes well, a deeper satisfaction in life through living up to their aspirations and doing what they love.


Artists who want to explore digital fabrication in art or turn their artwork into products. Independent designers who are looking for affordable prototyping and small batch production. Creative businesses who want to stand apart and embrace their creativity as a marketing tool.


Maintaining a private shop and accepting only prepped files allows us to offer fabrication rates at half of what is typical for digital fabrication as well as provide those rates on low production quantities. Our fast turnarounds allow for businesses to limit costly inventory with on demand light manufacturing.


We process jobs M-Th 10am-6pm and are closed Friday through Sunday for our studio practice.

What’s your turnaround time?

On smaller orders its 2-4 working days. Larger orders are on a case by case basis.
Same or next day service may be available for +30% pricing.

How big/much is your laser cutter?

Our standard is 12″ tall by 24″ wide. We can engrave onto an object up to 2″ thick.
The larger 18″x32″ machine engraves onto objects 4″ thick.

We bill a standard rate of $80/hr – Job minimum of $60 (45 minutes) – Billed by the minute thereafter.

Do you cut metals?

No – Metal cutting is a very different operating environment and machine.
We can mark metals such as anodized aluminum pre-cut parts for example.

Try Profile Laser or Bridge City Steel locally for metal laser cutting.

How big/much is your CNC router?

Our panel Machine cut’s up to 4’x4′ wide and through material up to 2″ thick. It can engrave the surface of objects up to 4″ tall.

However – We are VERY selective about CNC projects as its not conducive to multi-tasking, to make sure the job is a good match for our specific machine and because our primary focus is on laser cutting/engraving for efficiency.

What does it cost to make 2 fiddely diddelies?

We don’t know. We’ll need to know how you want to make them, what you want them made from and any other relevant details to give a rough estimate.

*For an exact cost quote we will need a file prepped to our specifications.

Are you professionals?

Yes. We are 5th year industrial design graduates with backgrounds in both digital and analog methods of fabrication/craft as well as all aspects of design development. We operate industrial production quality machines and have an in depth understanding of materials as they relate to manufacturing and product design.

Do you use professional machines?

Yes. You should absolutely expect that your laser service provider is technically trained and using an Industrial production machine like Universal, Epilog, Trotec or Kern and not a low grade import “hobby laser” for accuracy, reliability and surface quality of parts.

Can I visit your shop?

Part of our low overhead business model is maintaining a private shop. However, we can meet you by appointment to consult you on your project or for quality inspection purposes when necessary. Most of our business is conducted by email, snail mail or over the phone.

We unfortunately do not have availability to allow tours of our work shop for proprietary and safety concerns.

Online Store Policies

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Phone: (415) 730-8705

Email: create@digitalcraftpdx.com